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the day the PM came… 20 aug ’15

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Campbells Bay School is a world-class facility with a long history of education in the area – the school opened its doors in 1925! recently they built a modern learning centre with open-plan classes and plenty of different facilities to enrich the students’ school experience and enhance their learning. and our PM thought it was important enough that he dropped by complete with security and press, and had a good look around 🙂

the senior students performed several items and then hosted the exploration of the building. and on the way out of the school the juniors got their chance to meet the PM and make him feel welcome. from the hundreds of photos here’s just a few…

auckland event photography

new library for Campbells Bay School… 7 may ’15

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

the new architecturally designed libary at Campbells Bay School is a wonderful and stimulating space with all kinds of facilities – from the rows of book shelving, to a lego beanbag pit, to a small performance theatre, to various kinds of workspaces and reading nooks – and even a mini digital film studio with a greenscreen built in and an array of computers to create movies on.

the evening opening ceremony was attended by staff past and present, many parents and students, and the school Kapa Haka group. the guest of honour who performed the unveiling of the plaque and cut the yellow ribbon was Mrs Betty Gilderdale (NZOM), author of The Little Yellow Digger children’s book series; one story of which features the school itself!

the first collage below shows off the facilities and the second has some highlights from the opening night.

auckland lifestyle photography

auckland lifestyle photography

a shoot at Long Bay College… 10-18 mar ’15

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

i spent a week at Long Bay College photographing all aspects of the school; from the facilities themselves, to the students and prefects, to the staff and teachers, and the various activities which take place on a given day. i was impressed with the quality and variety of teaching environments and programmes – they even have a custom-built indoor rock climbing wall 🙂

the photos were used in their prospectus and promotional brochures, and at the time of writing (18mth later) are also still in use throughout their website. i do love seeing my work successfully promoting my clients!

auckland lifestyle portrait photography

auckland lifestyle portrait photography

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