sneak peek: cornwall park revisited… 5 jun ’11

after postponements for bad weather and bad colds, we finally got together yesterday at the park for the quinlan family’s very first photo shoot. young caleb wasn’t feeling too cooperative, and greeted every suggestion with “nooo, don’t want to” so i knew i’d really have to get him on-side if i was going to get any usable shots of him.

fortunately, he is also very smart – which made it easy to interest him in his surroundings. and, he is the ONLY 3-year-old i have photographed who has ever asked what KIND of tree he was climbing on…

auckland family photographer

more photos soon!

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One Response to “sneak peek: cornwall park revisited… 5 jun ’11”

  1. Helinor says:

    Awww cute! Looking forward to seeing the rest of them Sair! x

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