dad’s big day out… 18 jul ’11

july! woops – i better get blogging more often lol. ok – this was such a fun session to shoot. it was the dad’s birthday, and his gorgeous wife decided to treat him to a surprise: a full-on stunt plane flight down at ardmore aerodrome! so i headed down early in the morning to shoot the before and after – and then we stayed for fun family photos with their two children. the light was AH-MAY-ZING (sorry about that, won’t do it again) and it really was just a joy to shoot. right – photos!

here’s one of my faves, which was also the sneak peek

auckland lifestyle photographer

now – a little storytelling, before the portraits:

waiting (and waiting) for the flight – very patiently
auckland lifestyle photographer

resident of the aero club
auckland lifestyle photographer

nervously getting in the plane with parachute on
auckland lifestyle photographer

takeoff! with mixed reactions… mason really wanted to go
auckland lifestyle photographer

dad’s back! safe and sound (and relieved)
auckland lifestyle photographer

and now for some faves from the shoot… just look at this stunningly photogenic family

auckland family photographer

auckland children's photographer

auckland kids photographer

auckland baby photographer

auckland couple photographer

auckland family photographer

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One Response to “dad’s big day out… 18 jul ’11”

  1. Kimberli says:

    Fantastic story and interesting shoot idea. looks like everyone is having a great time. Thanks!

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