nykie is preggy… 25 may ’12

so… a group of us were chatting to our good friend Nykie (of Mistral Photography), and Amy (of Amy Cope Photography) asked her whether she was planning to have any maternity photos taken. Nykie replied nah, big belly not my favourite thing – so of course Amy & i couldn’t let that go! we were obviously very convincing lol – and the result is below: Nykie’s fun maternity session: in her studio/lounge; co-shot by Amy and myself; makeup by Amanda Beets Makeup Artist.

Nyk has 2 children already and her youngest (not being at school) joined in too. here’s my shots from the morning…

beautiful mama!
auckland family photographer

excited about baby
auckland family photographer

baby bump
auckland family photographer

auckland family photographer

mama and daughter
auckland family photographer

lovely nykie – light makeup, no retouching!
auckland family photographer

window light
auckland family photographer

more mummy-daughter moments with miah
auckland family photographer

auckland children's photographer

auckland family photographer

nyk is a builder’s wife… and her hubby is currently remodelling the living area!
haha by the look on her face, he better finish quick 😉
auckland kids photographer

patient girls – nyk’s and amy’s wee ones
auckland baby photographer

and finally: anyone who knows nykie also knows that there would have been a lot of laughs and silliness going on in the background… so here’s a sample of that to finish up!
auckland lifestyle photographer

thanks so much nyk, we had a great time and hopefully gave you some lovely unexpected memories to treasure!

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One Response to “nykie is preggy… 25 may ’12”

  1. Kirsten Andersen says:

    I love the shots Steph!! Nykie looks amazing!! I love love love the B&W shot of Nykie (6th shot down) 🙂

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