give a lovely Christmas present – for free! 5 dec ’11

do you know someone who would really love to have a beautiful professional family photo shoot AND all their images on disc to keep for Christmas this year – but could never afford it?

well this could be their lucky year, because i will be giving away two Christmas gift sessions including photos this year to two deserving (Auckland-based) families, and all you have to do to suggest your friend’s family is send me an email with a brief description about who they are and why you believe they should receive one 🙂

photo(AT) (i will choose the winners just before Christmas Day)

so let’s see these stories people – make it REALLY hard for me to choose and do something lovely for your friends!

One Response to “give a lovely Christmas present – for free! 5 dec ’11”

  1. availablelight says:

    because it was so hard to choose between the finalists, THREE lucky families will be hearing from their friends that they can have a free professional family photo session this Christmas – thank you to all those who nominated deserving families, you made my job of selecting very difficult!

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