making excuses like "i don't look good in photos" or "maybe when i'm not so stressed" ?

your fears may be keeping you from accepting your imperfect, messy family life for the wonderful thing that it is.

my lifestyle sessions are fun and relaxed, and you will have a good time with your favourite people. one day, you will look back on the memories you have created and say: "what else matters?"

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stylish knitwear staging… 23 aug ’15

November 22nd, 2016

went straight from my beach photoshoot with the family in the previous post, to another beach for this product shoot 🙂 lovely handknit samples designed by Brenda from Natural Star. i have done a number of shoots for her and each time i try to make it fresh so her customers are enticed to try her new patterns. both these designs are from the same pattern, but using different yarn and colours to create a completely new look. so i used two different locations to enhance that effect.

auckland commercial photography

auckland commercial photography

beachside… 23 aug ’15

November 18th, 2016

we had the tiniest spot ever for this photo shoot! the tide was in, and the client really wanted to use a particular little reserve right at the edge of the sea. and so – we did! there was a lovely little rocky cliff with a bit of shade, and then of course Rangitoto Island in the background, and a bit of wooden seating and some steps. and it was enough 🙂 loved the white shirts and fresh sunny sea… all my favourite colours together!

lots more photos including a bunch of silly ones – it was just a fun time for this grown-up family. thanks Pru 🙂

auckland lifestyle portrait photography

the day the PM came… 20 aug ’15

November 16th, 2016

Campbells Bay School is a world-class facility with a long history of education in the area – the school opened its doors in 1925! recently they built a modern learning centre with open-plan classes and plenty of different facilities to enrich the students’ school experience and enhance their learning. and our PM thought it was important enough that he dropped by complete with security and press, and had a good look around 🙂

the senior students performed several items and then hosted the exploration of the building. and on the way out of the school the juniors got their chance to meet the PM and make him feel welcome. from the hundreds of photos here’s just a few…

auckland event photography

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