sneak peek: shoot the photographer (no pressure!)… 10 may ’11

i was more nervous about today’s session than i have been for a while (tho i still get nervous before any shoot) …because today, i would be looking down my lens at the fab Nykie from Mistral Photography -eeek! Nykie is a formidable portrait photographer, with an NZIPP qualification under her belt to boot – and i was apprehensive that my photos might disappoint. but right before the session she shared with me that she had been reading earlier today a blog posted by a woman who survived 80% burns to her body, and who was celebrating being alive by having her photos taken. as Nykie puts it “…i got over myself real darn fast!” and then i knew it was going to be ok 🙂

here’s a sample from the session… i chose it because in one picture it totally sums up what her clients see while she is working with them – a sunny, happy, joyful smile and fun-loving personality! thanks Nyk, you are a star, i hope you love your shots! 😀

auckland lifestyle photographer

since writing this post nykie has put up her faves on her blog – go check it out!

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One Response to “sneak peek: shoot the photographer (no pressure!)… 10 may ’11”

  1. KIRSTEN says:

    ha ha you nervous?! looks like you did a good job though 🙂 🙂

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