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surprise baby shower for celeste… 26 apr ’09

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

a fun time was had by all at celeste’s lovely baby shower last weekend, hosted by her good friend aletta. the food was delicious – including the yummy cake with white chocolate ganache frosting – and since celeste already has her hands full at home with all her other children we decided to give her a break and not make her play all the embarassing “new mum” games!

here’s some top pics from the day…

spot the preggies!

“awwww, so cuuute”

careful, don’t spoil the wrapping paper!


time for tea – a special south african blend whose name i can’t pronounce

don’t like these pressies… in the trash they go!

not her usual “cake” – don’t try to eat it!

what’s the difference between a duck?
one of its legs are both the same!

the gloat: “i weigh MUCH less than you do!”

mummy tummy

here’s one christia prepared earlier…

into the trash it goes! right in front of everyone too

larissa’s surprise baby shower… 22 feb ’09

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

what a great afternoon: wonderful friends, great food – and a big surprise for larissa! poor larissa had been DYING for joy & jane to organise her a baby shower, but they didn’t seem to be taking the hint, so she decided to take matters into her own hands, and contacted vanessa to organise one for her. unfortunately for larissa, vanessa was in on the whole thing and after MANY hasty background phone calls, it was decided to simply let larissa think her shower was coming in march, and continue organising today’s event!

…and the organisers certainly excelled themselves – the smallest details were all lovingly coordinated and many hours of late-night/early-morning work went into giving larissa a day to remember

here are some favourites: first up, the awesome decorations!

herself, looking and feeling very confused

here, this might help! (no, it isn’t wine!)

the yummy food, prepared & brought by everyone – and cute favours to match the decor

no food for you larissa – baby needs you!

time for some games

the CAKE!!! yes, it did taste as amazing as it looks

pressie time…

can baby fly? perhaps – but can mummy catch?

no harm done! but perhaps better leave this game to daddy after all?

vanessa’s baby shower… 14 sep ’08

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

it must be that time of year: two showers in one weekend! vanessa’s shower was heaps of fun; loads of great food, good company and plenty of photo opportunities! here are a few images from the day…

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