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beachside… 23 aug ’15

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

we had the tiniest spot ever for this photo shoot! the tide was in, and the client really wanted to use a particular little reserve right at the edge of the sea. and so – we did! there was a lovely little rocky cliff with a bit of shade, and then of course Rangitoto Island in the background, and a bit of wooden seating and some steps. and it was enough 🙂 loved the white shirts and fresh sunny sea… all my favourite colours together!

lots more photos including a bunch of silly ones – it was just a fun time for this grown-up family. thanks Pru 🙂

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weekend mornings… 16 aug ’15

Sunday, August 16th, 2015

these guys are such good friends of ours, and i’ve been honoured to be their regular family photographer since their first child was born years ago 🙂

here’s what one sunday morning looks like at their place! i really enjoy photographing a family in their own home, doing the ordinary and sometimes silly family stuff that they enjoy. because one day, when the kids are grown and everything has changed, this is the stuff that will remind them all of who they are and where they come from – the things that are most important to them.

so at this shoot we had a dramatic book reading, made mud pies in the bush kitchen, played with cars in the bedrooms, jumped on the trampoline, had a face-pulling contest, posed with still-beloved baby toys, and generally just did plain old family stuff. and Paula (the mum) told me afterwards that she was so anxious about getting the house looking lovely for my camera, that she totally forgot to brush her own hair – and she didn’t care a bit once she saw the photos and how much fun everyone was having 🙂

auckland lifestyle portrait photography

meet bertie… 2 aug ’15

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

these two ladies adore their Bertie 🙂 and he loves them back! they both have quite different relationships with him, but their lives wouldn’t be the same without his bright little face!

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