casual and relaxed… 24 oct ’18

October 24th, 2018

most people get a bit panicked when they think about having a camera in their faces; but honestly it doesn’t have to be hard. this photo took about 10 mins to achieve – and most of the time was silly chitchat and laughing – which is why Jade looks so natural and comfortable. in front of my lens you get to just be you – which is the whole point of a profile photo anyhow, right? 🙂

auckland commercial photography

2018 is well and truly here… 23 feb ’18

February 23rd, 2018

i know, right? how is that possible!

…and right now i need to come clean: i’ve been SO busy with work, life, and family for the past 18 months (um… ok actually 24 months) that i have sadly neglected this blog (and my facebook page and instagram too)! so now i am committing to publishing all my amazing clients’ shoots that i’ve been excited to show off 🙂 i am going to try for one per weekday, starting next week. or maybe starting today… why not?

so for all those who have visited here and wondered or got in touch to ask if i’m still in business and taking bookings – YES 🙂 i definitely am, and i would love to work with YOU too…

auckland lifestyle photography

evelyn rose lashes photoshoots… 27 apr & 3 may ’16

May 3rd, 2016

i love to do ongoing work for small business owners – it’s exciting for me to see their products and services developing and their markets expanding 🙂

here’s some profile photos for the artist behind Evelyn Rose Lashes

auckland promotional photography

and here’s one of her gorgeous lash models, and a quick peek at her relaxing and calming client space…

auckland promotional photography

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