double sneak peek: joy’s baby bump + introducing kloé… 14 oct ’12

so i totally forgot to sneak peek lovely joy & ken’s baby bump a few months ago – and now they have welcomed their absolutely darling baby girl into the world 2 weeks ago – and i got to meet her today 🙂

she’s just so dainty and feisty, just like joy herself (hehe) …and although newborns are supposed to sleep for their photo shoot i’m kinda glad she didn’t because she has the HUGEST dark brown eyes: see for yourself!

so here’s the double sneak peek 🙂

auckland lifestyle photographer

auckland children's photographer

joy and ken have 3 more sessions to document gorgeous kloé’s first year and at the end of their baby plan package (which includes maternity, newborn, head up, sitting up, & walking) they will be presented with a gorgeous heirloom wall canvas featuring their favourite image from each session 🙂

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