working with perspective… 28 may ’11

no – this isn’t a post about composition techniques!

two weeks ago, i had my busiest week, professionally and personally combined, since i started running my company. on top of all the normal stuff, i had four shoots in a row: one each day from monday to thursday; i went out three nights and one morning to various social events & meetings; one of my kids went on a school camp and the other had a milestone birthday; and my car chose THAT WEEK to play up, requiring daily visits to the mechanic and last-minute scrambling to borrow a loaner.

as the week wore on (in other words, by monday afternoon LOL), i could feel my general sense of peace evaporating and even though outwardly i was still me, inside was Frank Costanza in the famous “SERENITY NOW!!!!” Seinfeld episode. moment by moment i was enjoying my clients, the photo shoots and the events; but overall i was “butter scraped over too much bread” (thank you Tolkien).

today, i was thinking. if it’s true that that day to day dramas won’t matter a year from now – or even a month from now – then why let it matter RIGHT NOW? life is much longer than this moment, therefore this moment is suddenly much less important.

“a small pebble, when held up to the eye, obscures all else and blurs the vision; whereas if it is cast to the ground it becomes an insignificant bump on the path.” perspective is one of the greatest wisdoms, i think. and the greatest challenge is to keep it in view continually.

at the beginning i said this wasn’t a post about composition… but really, it is. you need to be conscious of what your life is made up of. is it a collection of helpless responses to stress? or is it an overall positive calm, in spite of the squalls and storms?

here’s a photo from a walk in the rain with my camera last week:

auckland photographer


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