don’t really like being photographed? 31 may ’10

i have to admit that i (for one) kinda don’t. and i know there’s others out there who feel the same. many others. but why not? does it have anything to do with being afraid of how you think you look – or how you think you’ll look in photos (which are two different things, believe me i know!) but, what does that fear say about us: that we’re only willing to be seen & remembered if we know we look amazing & desirable? when you think about it, that’s really sad.

but what if we never make it? if we never attain whatever unrealistic pinnacle we have set the bar at? should we hide from the camera for ever?

no matter what we believe we look like, how our hair is behaving, what our skin is doing, how much or little we weigh, whether we’re healthy and fit or suffering from illness, injury or the effects of age – we are all works in progress, so let’s get rid of this unhealthy desire for wax-doll static perfection and honour the living moments of our journey, whatever that looks like.

this thought-provoking post by prompted me to write today’s note – and encourage you all to get in front of the camera for a change: whether that’s your own camera at home, your friends’ cameras, or even hiring a professional to help you celebrate your family’s life just as it is right now – don’t hide anymore, share yourself generously with the future and celebrate YOU today!

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